Film & Television Development, Production, & Distribution

Champion Entertainment Inc., established in 1993, creates, acquires and distributes conceptual movies, television programs, infomercials and specialty projects including reality television and animation.

Our Markets

Champion Entertainment explores movie and television opportunities in the drama, comedy, family, horror, television, reality and sci-fi genres. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Champion produces programs which compete with the higher-budget productions. We also operate in other content-specific markets, including streaming internet and on-line platforms, talent management and distribution. Champion operates a complete studio with satellite up-link capabilities at our Houston headquarters.

February 2016

Champion Entertainment Announces Relaunch of Children's Educational Television Series "So You Want to Be?"

August 2014

Getting ready to distribute horror feature "M2V". Executive Produced Horror-Comedy "Conjoined", both set to release this fall.

August 2014

New Film "Retreads" announced for Spring 2015
We are always in the market for completed films ready for distribution or projects that need to be developed. If you have a film or television project and would like to discuss with us, please contact us through this website or by calling us at 713-522-4701 or 800-874-2745.